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Butler Caroye’s detailed automated and thorough systems and processes for airline, TMC, OBT and card tendering and assessment, and our automated process and risk management system

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Airline Tendering

Airline tendering is complicated due to the number of airlines, your number of main routes, and by the fact that each airline's offer format is different.

And each airline's offer carries market share and expenditure requirements that overlap.  It's a jigsaw.

And each country has it's own market structure to adapt to. For example in Australia there are  the two bidding groups plus a range of other international carriers.

However many pages it has, an airline's offer primarily presents a set of discounts. These can vary per route, per class and per fare type. But in every airline offer, one very big thing is missing; the actual fares that the discounts apply to. If you don't add the fares into the calculations it is impossible to evaluate and compare the offers. But there are many fares involved, and so you need a good model.

And there is the third vital thing; the fare availabilities. How often will the cheaper and discounted fares actually be available?  It makes a difference. This also must be added  ...  more data. You need a good model.

There are also many soft benefits and service and network variables to evaluate. Delter provides a tailored model and a thorough tendering process.

TMC and Technology Tendering

The corporate travel agency, known as the travel management company or TMC, is the most complicated part of your travel supply chain. It is also the most  important to get right.

The systems, services, pricing, people, terms and inputs you have here are by far the biggest determinants of the cost of your travel and traveller satisfaction.

Most TMCs are capable of providing very good and less than good services and pricing. The details of your arrangement are critical. How well you tender for the TMC is a key factor in your travel outcomes.

There are many systems to evaluate, including the online booking tool. And pricing is complicated.

Dexter is tailored to your exact requirements. The RFP has detailed qualitative and financial formats built and improved from over 20 years of market usage. The Assessor tool does all the calculating, weighting and tabulating for you using your inputs.

Dexter comes with thorough interviewing, systems testing and inspection processes. We provide detailed scoring inputs and advice.  It is efficient and thorough. It works.

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Automated Process, probity and risk management

All our tenders offer the option of adding OPPM, Online Process & Protocol Management.

Dexter, Delter and Cardpro provide secure communications and control. And we will adapt  to fit with your exact risk management requirements. Butler Caroye  tenders have been used by many corporates, universities and government departments with stringent security and probity controls. We have been audited several times.

OPPM uses the VendorPanel system to take this to an even higher level.

Communications, transparency, governance and probity are controlled and directed from the one central site. Access is simple and secure. Internal resources are more efficiently used, in a fully auditable process.

Card and Payments System Tendering

Credit cards and payment systems have gone through big changes in recent years. They now offer solutions to most of the concerns and issues that held companies and organisations back from using them.

There are now virtual cards, ghost cards, centralised cards, and buying cards as well as the long-established corporate and personal card products. They provide new benefits and options. One of these will best suit you.

Things to consider are merchant coverage, spend rules and filters, supplier rules and filters,  billing and invoice options, liability controls, fraud prevention software, usage and security settings and management, online services, and 24 hour global support service, amongst others.

The card solution you choose needs to fit well with your culture and spend patterns. And the solution must integrate with your TMC, EMS and internal systems.

Financially, what are the fees, rebates and incentives? What are the late payment fees and terms? What are the status and reward benefits?

The Cardpro RFT is tailored to your exact needs and preferences. The Assessor tabulates and compares. All within a thorough tendering process. It works.

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Quick Tip …

If you are putting regional or global arrangements together, be aware that global TMCs use different systems in different regions and countries. Some offices and branches are not fully owned. Some are JVs or just aligned separate agencies. Co-operation and co-ordination between them is not a given. The TMC is the lynchpin in the supply chain. But you’ll have to do a lot of the global supply chain management internally. One test is this. How much authority does your TMC’s “global account manager” really have in other countries?

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