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If you are reviewing or going to market for Travel Management Companies and travel IT, Dexter is a thorough, detailed and efficient tendering and assessment system.


If you are reviewing or going to market for airlines, Delter is a complete tendering, modelling, analytical, negotiation and assessment system tailored to your requirements.


If you are reviewing or going to market for payment solutions, Cardpro is the tendering and assessment system that covers all the variables and latest products and options.

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risk management

Online Process and Protocol Management adds online centralised control of the tendering process for maximum risk and probity management and efficiency. And it reduces internal costs.


Automated Supply Chain Management uses latest software to make travel supply and contract management efficient, informed and thorough. It uses online schedule based KPI and performance tracking.


You get data from the TMC, the card provider and the travel suppliers. They overlap. There are gaps in all of them. Our AI assisted DashM8 analysis uses latest software to test, analyse and search for value.

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We provide solid independent benchmarking for TMC services and value, airfare availabilities, online booking tools and internal travel behaviour. Know how you compare.


Independent surveying of your travellers and travel bookers lays down a firm factual base of expections, needs and preferences that are important for good travel program design and acceptance.


Know where you stand and where you should best direct your category management efforts. Our Checkup diagnostic enables you to identify which improvements to prioritise and how to achieve them.

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As well as our specific tools, services and diagnostics, we provide advice on a range of  matters. From reward models to supply chain training. Give us a call to see how we can help.


The best way to reduce travel costs is to not travel. Our LTL diagnostic and service identifies the fat to avoid cutting into the muscle. We examine reasons and business outcomes.


Travel savings are quite complicated if you want high-credibility figures. You might need to measure financial outcomes for internal budgeting or procurement performance measurement. We have a thorough model.

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You may wish to outsource the entire travel management task to independent experts. Our Autopilot Business Process Outsourcing package uses all our resources to expertly and thoroughly manage your travel.


Your travel policy is the base of your travel outcomes. It must be user-friendly but thorough, and it must align with your culture and governance. We will help you build a tailored and effective policy.


New to travel? Need a hand getting going? Our Startmeup service is a quick but methodical primer on how the industry and supply chain work, and what you need to know and do.

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Advisory Services


Do you need to improve compliance with travel policy across your organisation? Non-compliance increases travel costs and risk. There is now a statutory requirement to monitor and manage staff risk.

You may firstly need to measure the extent, causes and location of non-compliance. This can be done using TMC data. We will help you to do this for free. Then we can look at the best ways to improve the outcomes. The vital ingredient is nearly always good messaging. We will work with you to develop an internal campaign that is efficient, effective and sensitive to your staff, structure and culture. A good campaign gathers feedback and self-improves as it is executed. Not only does this increase compliance, but it also promulgates a better understanding and appreciation of the travel program, and of procurement generally.

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A basic principle of our business is that we need to help procurement managers to succeed … by increasing the value of your travel supply, by increasing the company’s return on its investment into procurement, and by delivering category knowledge to the procurement team. If you don’t succeed, we don’t either.

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